72% Raised

Uva Rideshare

location_on London, United Kingdom

Uva Rideshare; A 'partner share economy' company; Completed Legal & Commercial structure; Licensed for 10000 Drivers; Licensed/full ownership & well-engineered app; Positive feedback from Drivers/Passengers; Equity offered 7.5 % remaining £1.0mln

4.100.000 €


110.000 €

Min per Investor

70% Raised

Haatch - EIS Tech Fund!

location_on East Midlands, United Kingdom

We enable investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology whilst taking advantage of significant tax reliefs under the SEIS & EIS scheme.

1.700.000 €


5.900 €

Min per Investor

0% Raised

small talk

location_on Wales, United Kingdom

small talk; an app that sends you an interesting word, quote, fact and more daily. 50k+ active users, 450k+ app page views pm. Featured by Apple as App of the Day & App of the Week. Downloaded in 138 countries, 195+ reviews, 4.4 stars average rating

170.000 €


1.100 €

Min per Investor

21% Raised


location_on London, United Kingdom

AiX is the world's first natural language AI broker. It fully automates the human broker shop, from price negotiation to execution, settlement , confirmation and invoicing. It is a paradigm shift for financial markets.

1.100.000 €


11.000 €

Min per Investor

60% Raised


location_on West, USA

We come from Visa, Apple, and PayPal. We're here to make payments painless for software platforms that process ticket payments for festivals, donation payments for non-profits & fine payments for municipalities (merchants). www.digitzs.com/solution

2.300.000 €


23.000 €

Min per Investor

6% Raised


location_on South East, USA

Total Uptime®; An enhanced internet delivery/ ADC-as-a-service platform; 500+ Customers (like Informatica, Goodwill, Broadcom, Steelcase); Experienced team (Founder is an Inc. 5000 honoree); 12 Channel partners; $1.2MM ARR; Previously raised $200k+

1.800.000 €


9.200 €

Min per Investor

20% Raised

Fashion meets Technology

location_on South West, USA

Revito Shoes; Featuring ultimate comfort & fashionable design shoes; 24+ yrs experience in functional footwear; Launched a similar brand & sold 1.3 million pairs in 5 years; Technology is protected by 3 patents in Europe, America, Asia & licensable.

460.000 €


18.000 €

Min per Investor

25% Raised

Walliance Corp

location_on Congo

Walliance Corp. A Neo-Bank providing innovative financial solutions to help people with e-commerce, e-business & more; Website Launched; Positive Customer Feedback; $ 50,000 monthly incomes; Ranked 4th out of 490 Total Startup Awards (February 2019)

300.000 €


300 €

Min per Investor

Global Pro
0% Raised


location_on Cataluña , Spain

Plataforma de "plataformas" dedicada a la automatización de tareas y procesos. Su "core business" consiste en dotar a las PYMES de un servicio de atención y comunicación 24/7, ahorrando costes y multiplicando oportunidades de venta.

250.000 €


10.000 €

Min per Investor

Per Page

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